Amber Beeswax Candle Jar

Amber Beeswax Candle Jar
Beautifully fragranced, beeswax candles with wood wicks and a black lid.
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Amber glass jar beeswax candles with wooden wicks.

My beeswax candles are made with locally sourced pure beeswax and coconut oil - a truly natural, eco friendly wax blend. Generously fragranced with phthalate free oils. Natural wooden wicks for superior scent through, ambiance and atmospheric crackle! Our weeks are sustainably sourced from felled fruit trees.

Good Tidings A festive blend of cranberries, crushed cinnamon bark and mandarin zest.

Summer ~ Tropical scents of Bergamot, Neroli, Kaffir Lime and Sandalwood

Autumn ~ Classic French Pear with delicious vanilla spice undernotes

Winter ~ Whiskey, wood smoke and caramel. Moody and masculine. Great Christmas scent.

Spring ~ Fresh and fruity Golden Queen Peach

Madam Coco ~ A complex and luxurious blend of Orange, Jasmine, Patchouli & Tonka Bean

Forest ~ Oakmoss and Amber - a classic blend with the added beauty of beeswax's natural butterscotch undernotes.

Vanilla Rose ~ Yummy sweet Vanilla with a splash of Old English Rose

Spice ~ Warm gingerbread, straight from the oven. Delicious scent for Christmas.


The candles are 150gms, giving at least 40 hours of burn time.

How to care for you candle - 

With a little bit of love, your candle will give you a whole lot of love back! For the first burn, burn continuously for 2-3 hours, so the burn pool reaches the edge of the jar. Try not to burn for more than 3 hours each time. before each burn, trim the wick to 5mm. 

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