Hi! I'm Dee, the creator of all of Rimu Gullys goodies. John is my husband, a farmer and a jack of all trades, forever having to put up with my crazy ideas for our garden and home. We have a beautiful daughter called Hayley who is the center of my universe.

John and I moved to Rimu Gully in 2014 - it was a total impulse buy but we fell in love with the beautiful native bush and stream. I'd always wanted a stream! There was minimal landscaping and it was all low maintenance - and I don't do low maintenance! So we immediately started redesigning and landscaping the gardens. I've always been incredibly passionate about gardening, and I wanted to share what we were doing with others so I started an Instagram and Facebook account to share what I was up to. I've loved the little community that has grown on these pages, I have learnt so much, and hope that some people have learnt from me.

A few years ago my sister in law Jinny got into beekeeping, and it was something that I had always talked about myself, so she helped set me up with my first hives, and within a year one hive had grown to seven! There are a lot of byproducts in beekeeping - honey being the obvious one. But you also get a lot of beautiful beeswax, which led me to start developing my own beeswax based products. 

I'm passionate about reducing plastic waste and limiting the amount of things I actually have to buy, so making beeswax wraps, making my own soap and developing my own skin care evolved naturally. I'm a big believer in knowing exactly what goes into my body and what goes on my skin - if I can't pronounce it or eat it then I'm not interested! This has led me to design completely natural products for my family that are free from any additives, preservatives, petrochemicals, plastic, palm oil and so on. 

And I'm now so excited to be able to share these products with you all, and hope they help you on your own journey.

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