The amazing benefits of our native kawakawa

The amazing benefits of our native kawakawa

Kawakawa is a potent medicinal plant with centuries of traditional use by Māori & backed by modern day science. Among it's many bio-active molecules is myristicin, which has incredible anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial & insecticidal properties. It is also a mild analgesic, helping to safely relieve mild pain. Healing, nourishing & safe.

Kawakawa is great for -
- eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis
- nappy rash, cradle cap & sore nipples
- bumps, bruises, sore muscles & joints
- insect bites, cuts, rashes & burns
- chapped lips
- tattoo balm & more!

I harvest my kawakawa with love & care, following traditional Rongoā Māori protocols. It is then steeped it in high concentrations in a blend of nourishing oils.

Did you know...

Kawakawa trees get holey leaves from a native caterpillar & the leaves with the most holes are thought to contain the highest concentration of beneficial properties. The kawakawa looper moth has evolved to be resistant to the plants insecticidal properties & in response the plant increases it's potency to the leaves that are being attacked - so those are the leaves that are traditionally harvested.

Here's a rundown on our kawakawa balm range -

Kawakawa Original
Pure kawakawa balm, without any essential oils. Perfect for the most sensitive skin & can be used from birth. Makes the most amazing nappy balm & great for sensitive spots like eyelids etc.

Kawakawa Super
Our most medicinal kawakawa balm. Contains genuine East Coast Mānuka oil, which is an absolute powerhouse ingredient with strong anti bacterial properties. Amazing for all sorts of skin conditions. Also includes organic NZ grown lavender & shea butter for extra moisture. Great for almost everything!

Muscle Balm
This balm packs a punch for sore muscles & joints. A potent blend of medicinal essential oils & menthol heat up the skin, increasing blood flow to help relieve pain & promote faster recovery. This is also a great decongestant chest rub for when the winter bugs have got you!

Foot Balm
A triple mint treat for the feet! Peppermint, Spearmint & Menthol cool your feet while providing them with extra moisture. Great for healing cracked heals! Get those feet jandal ready!

Gardeners Balm
A super moisturising kawakawa balm with a botanical blend of fragrant essential oils. Smells amazing & perfect for nourishing dry hands & more. A wonderful add on to our gift boxes.

Lip Balm
I’m not holding back - this is the best lip balm you will ever use! Healing, moisturising, long lasting with a slight gloss & no tackiness. A must have for the handbag/car/key tray/bathroom etc!

Bug Balm
A kawakawa balm blended with a cocktail of bug repelling botanicals. Also works to help heal any existing bites you have - 2 in 1! Smells incredible too!

Underarm Balm
A natural kawakawa deodorant packed with bacteria blasting ingredients to help keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. A vibrant citrusy blend of Bergamot, Litsia & Neroli.

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Posted: Monday 29 August 2022


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